Green Rivers is a licensed Engineering and Excavation Contractor and a leader in environmental mitigation. Our Team can provide turn-key mitigation by acquiring the best properties, planning their restoration using advanced science and technology, constructing them in the most conscientious manner, and maintaining and monitoring them over the long term.



As projects are implemented and monitored, Green Rivers is issued mitigation credits” by regulatory agencies.These credits may be purchased by mitigation fee programs, public works projects, or commercial developers (including airports, reservoir authorities, mining operations, natural gas projects, and builders) to meet their mitigation obligations.

Green Rivers LLC has an Approved Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument for West Virginia Watersheds. 



It is less commonly understood that large-scale future improvements and net gains for the environment depend on restoring previously degraded areas — rather than simply protecting the natural areas that remain.


Previously impacted properties hold the potential for restoration and permanent protection. These properties can include streams polluted and eroded by overgrazing or urban development, dammed by early industry, and wetlands which have been clear-cut ditched and drained for agriculture or other man-made developments. Green Rivers invests in such areas by purchasing permanent conservation easements and ecologically restoring the streams and floodplains.