Green Rivers provides turn-key stream and wetland restoration services to clients throughout Appalachia. We are equipped to manage every aspect of stream and wetland restoration including site selection, landowner contact, environmental permits, project design, construction management, and post-construction monitoring. We work with various state and federal agencies, watershed organizations, landowners, natural resource development companies, and others in cooperation with experienced engineering and construction firms with excellent track records.



Green Rivers applies Rosgen procedures to natural stream design. The improvements can yield increases to the overall health of streams, property values located next to a project area, and maintenance of natural flow regimes. We are equipped with a number of various tools and programs to aid in the design of stream restoration projects including CAD, ArcGIS, and Rivermorph. We can implement with multiple constraints and multiple objectives including:

  • Improved aquatic habitat for fish and other organisms
  • Increased channel stability and streambank protection
  • Riparian restoration
  • Culvert design, construction, and retrofit
  • Fish passage construction
  • Improving water quality
  • Increased sediment transport
  • Enhanced navigability for boating
  • Removal of dams and other aquatic barriers


Wetlands are very important components of our natural waterways. Historically, wetlands have been drained and filled for construction and agricultural uses. Wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act. The Green Rivers team is capable to design projects that restore natural wetlands, mitigate for those lost to development, reduce flood stage, or to improve water quality by reducing stormwater and agricultural runoff.